Rutt Roh, Scooby

Jason Rutt released from jail on the loose again.

Jason Rutt

The incident began before sunrise when Rutt broke into several houses in Pacific Grove, including one where he entered a bedroom where children were sleeping, took a shower, and fed the children with bananas, according to police.

The house was on the 600 block of Acorn Court.

“Rutt entered through an unlocked door. He showered, ate and then went into a (child’s) bedroom. (He) was apparently feeding the small children in their bedroom,” McSorley said.

The homeowners did not realize there was an intruder until they heard a shower running, police said. They called 911 at 4:30 a.m.

Rutt ran out of the house, broke into two more houses nearby, and stole some property, McSorley said. He entered through unlocked garages.

The children who Rutt encountered were not harmed, but their parents were “obviously freaked out,” McSorley said.

Rutt was recently released from the Monterey County Jail and is on probation for burglary. His family lives in Pacific Grove and family members are cooperating with police.

Rutt Roh, Scooby