City Modifies Trash Cans To Stop Gull Gluttons

From this:
Old Downtown Trash Can

To This:
New Downtown Trash Can
Still got some human modifications to do there, like empty the cans more often.

“Those cans are working to perfection,” said Moe Ammar, president of the Pacific Grove Chamber of Commerce. One can is on the corner across from his office at Central and Forest avenues. Ammar said he hasn’t seen a gull diving into it.

Residents and employees in the area also notice fewer gull contributions to their windshields and tops of their vehicles, he said.

It’s not a complete solution, Ammar said. There are still private dumpsters where hungry gulls forage, and, “We still have people who think it’s cute to feed the sea gulls.”

The custom-lid cans, so far, have been placed on Central Avenue near the city entrance, along the Recreation Trail, and by the library, museum and post office.

City Modifies Trash Cans To Stop Gull Gluttons