Cigarettes Can Be Hazardous To Your Freedom

Butts In Flower PotHow soon before the butts left on the street will be traced back to the careless fools that drop them?

The smoke break by the burglar came back to haunt a Pacific Grove man this week. He was convicted in Monterey County Superior Court of first-degree burglary and now faces a possible seven-year prison sentence.

“Smoking — it’s kind of bad for your health,” said Deputy District Attorney Sam Nong on Thursday.

Nong prosecuted Daniel Edward Jeske, 33, of Pacific Grove from the March 20, 2012, break-in.

He said police forwarded the cigarette butt to the state DNA database — which includes about 1 million samples collected from felons and persons arrested on a felony charge.

Cigarettes Can Be Hazardous To Your Freedom