Something Went Wrong

4 people rob a person at their house and steal their car. Not sure of the circumstances.

Police arrested two suspects and were still searching for a third in connection with a an incident Friday that began with an armed robbery in Monterey and included a four-hour standoff in Salinas.

Police were summoned at 4 p.m. to an address in New Monterey, where a homeowner had been robbed at gunpoint. The suspects fled with the victim’s van, police said.

The stolen vehicle was spotted a short time later in Marina, where a female driver was arrested.

A second suspect was located and arrested outside a house on Lupine Drive, and police surrounded the residence, believing the third suspect was inside.

A four-hour standoff ended when SWAT teams from Monterey and Salinas rammed through the front door and tear-gassed the home. They did not find the suspect.

Something Went Wrong