Former Owners Of Stones Pet Shop Killed In Accident

Stones Pet Shop story – I would go there for Frontline to keep the cats flea free (living in PG with the forest wildlife all about even cats kept indoors would be host to fleas) I went to the counter where one of the ladies were and asked for Frontline. She would reply “for ???” and I would say “mountain lion”. Got a good chuckle since lions were being seen in in P.G. After that, every time I went for more pet flea control the running gag would come up.

A grisly collision in Pebble Beach on Sloat Road killed two Pebble Beach women Sunday night.

Stuart Elder, 30, of Pacific Grove, was heavily intoxicated when he crossed into oncoming traffic near Bird Rock Road, California Highway Patrol officers said. His 2009 black Cadillac sport utility vehicle crashed head-on into a Ford SUV.

On Thursday, the CHP released the identity of one woman killed in the wreck. Linda Larone, 65, of Pebble Beach, was a passenger in the Ford and died at the scene.

Friends identified the second woman who was driving the Ford as Sharon Daly, 72, of Pebble Beach. Larone and Daly were longtime partners and owned a pet shop together in Pacific Grove.

Former Owners Of Stones Pet Shop Killed In Accident