Being Distinct

Going Out Of Business since August 2012! Smallest Going Out Of Business sign yet on the longest ongoing going out of business sale ever. Think it will really happen? Probably not, there is no “March 31th”. Get ready for Hazaras Emergency Spell Check Reopening Sale.

Hazara Carpet Closing

Oriental carpet stores are the all time champion of fake “going out of business” sales.

Phony going-out-of-business sales long have plagued Oriental rug retailing here and across the country, dealers say. The industry is susceptible because Oriental rugs can cost thousands of dollars, and many consumers lack the expertise to judge whether a rug’s quality matches its price. That frequently makes the lure of huge markdowns effective, especially when the discount is off a grossly inflated original price.

Also lacking distinction, the rapidly changing 606 Lighthouse Avenue cries out for another occupant.The Nothing Store

This place is a regular photo-shop satire subject – 2009:
Gone Too