Lovers Point Burger Shack Sees Rent Increase

Welcome to the reality of P.G.

And who said that the Grill was open “every day for the past 22 years?”. Maybe if it was open they would make more money.

Sell more water?

Dollar Water

A beloved burger joint that has been in business for over two decades in Pacific Grove, said its getting the cold shoulder from the city. This, after a new lease agreement for The Grill at Lover’s Point Park means a rent increase.

Every day for the past 22 years Joe and Paula Cavallaro have worked side by and side, serving burgers, fries, just about anything. While business has had its ups and downs, Joe Cavallaro said they have managed to make it work.

“My wife and I are working it together, we’re doing the best we can,” said Cavallaro.

But their 10-year lease is up and they are now dealing with something unexpected. Cavallaro said the city has proposed a new lease one that he thinks is unreasonable.

Lovers Point Burger Shack Sees Rent Increase