Who Wants To Tax Grocery Bags?

Sarah Hardgrave, another substainable kook that thinks taxes will change behavior. Taxing me even more on safe, clean packaging from stores makes me change my mind to shop in Sand City.

Bag Grab

Senior city planner Sarah Hardgrave, environmental programs manager for the city, sought authorization to prepare a report about alternatives that would allow the city to regulate single-use carryout bags — paper as well as plastic.

Such regulation could encourage shoppers to bring their own reusable bags.

Residents cited the environmental harm reportedly caused by bags when they wash into Monterey Bay and are eaten by fish and other sea life.

Europeans routinely bring their own shopping bags to stores, said resident Inge Larritzen Dumer.

Yes, and Europeans urinate in the street.

Residents Marciel Price and Terry O’Connell argued that reusable cloth bags can pose a health hazard.

“Different people have different sanitary standards,” O’Connell said.

Merchandise carried in reusable bags often contains “germs, pesticides, all kinds of stuff,” Price said, adding that she wouldn’t want to deal with leaking packaged meats in a cloth bag.

Who Wants To Tax Grocery Bags?

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  1. Sarah Hardgrave is another nutjob enviro-nazi who wants to run other peoples lives. I hoped she gets “riffed” in the next force reduction at silly hall.

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