Maritime Museum Of Monterey – What’s It For?

Has anyone actually been to the Maritime Museum then or now? I always felt that the history of Monterey could not be boxed in by four walls and a roof when the history is all out in the open. Visit the adobes, see the San Carlos Cathedral, check out Colton Hall. What kind of relevant insight would I get at a book signing or a concert?

Rocky internal goings-on have led to increased scrutiny from the city about whether the lease terms — which require a maritime and history center to be open nearly year-round — are being fulfilled.

“The City Council has a great concern about the long-term financial stability,” Meurer said.

Those sentiments ratcheted up again this week with the resignation of executive director John Bailey and the circulation of an anonymous email accusing current board president Tom Hood and others of steering museum work and contracts to friends.

Hood sounded optimistic about the museum’s future. He said the association has about $500,000 in cash on hand, and an upcoming events calendar with lectures, a book signing and, maybe, a concert.

“We have a head of steam going forward,” he said.

Maritime Museum Of Monterey – What’s It For?

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  1. Boo hiss on the Museum!! This new crowd has turned it into a real dump. It’s now the kind of place where a Europeein’ would definately like to go peein’ – Didn’t the MM have a large endowment ($2m plus) and they illegally spent down the principle and now all they have left is $500k!!! Prediction: Without a taxpayer bailout that place will be boarded up and shuttered by December 2011. No one goes there and the place is emptier than when it was a Maritime Museum.

    What the spendthrifts turned the museum into does not match the benefactors (Virginia Stanton) vision. Nor does it represent what she funded. It’s an embarrassing disaster. Stay away and don’t waste your money.

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