Wharf Association Wants To Ban Chowder Samples

Soon the wharf will be a bad as the ‘Row. Keep the chowder samples. Keep the wharf funky.

Wharf Signs

“It cheapens the experience down here to be handed chowder at every place in the wharf they walk at,” says Board Member Kevin Phillips. “We think it’s better off without it.”

Phillips, who also owns Abalonetti’s, said it’s been a problem for years. Now, he thinks it’s out of hand.

“This whole barking and oral advertising that goes along with it,” says Phillips. “A lot of people are uncomfortable with it.”

But other businesses like the Old Fisherman’s Grotto don’t agree.

“It’s a great thing,” says Owner Chris Shake. “Why would you want to take away something that is very positive for the wharf?”

Wharf Association Wants To Ban Chowder Samples