Pollacci’s Other Pad – Trailer In A Storage Lot

Wouldn’t take of his hat during sex for it would muss his rug.

Sepegan said the two drove around in a pouring rain storm for three hours that night before Pollacci drove her to a vehicle storage lot behind Monterey Peninsula Airport, where he entered a code and parked outside an aluminum travel trailer.

Inside, the two sat at the dining table and kissed. She did not stop Pollacci when he removed her top and bra, she said, or when he led her into the bedroom, removed all his clothing — except his hat because he was wearing a toupe –

Pollacci’s Other Pad – Trailer In A Storage Lot

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  1. I am a woman who was born & raised in PG & have known Tom for many years. He was always friendly, nice, caring, funny, & charming. Tom asked me out several times, of which I declined because he was much shorter than me, but he never pushed it, like some other men have. And even though I declined him, he remained a gracious & friendly person to me; something most men can’t recover from. Although I don’t know what happened b/c I wasn’t there, I can’t help but think these women are money seeking AND need practice with communication, negotiation and refusal skills.

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