Fire Breaks Out At Plaza Hotel On Cannery Row

Fire damage minimal, but several floors below got everything soaked by the sprinkler systems.
Monterey Plaza Hotel

With the Cannery Row hotel filled to capacity, the Cherry’s Jubilee car show in full swing for the weekend, and a beer fest under way on the hotel’s lower terrace, a fire started in the penthouse of the westernmost building of the hotel complex about 3:21 p.m., and forced the evacuation.

According to Monterey Fire Capt. Barry Perkins, who arrived first on the scene, the fire started in a flue in the mechanical room on the five-story building’s penthouse level.

Who remembers the real fires in old cannery buildings?

Fire Breaks Out At Plaza Hotel On Cannery Row

3 thoughts on “Fire Breaks Out At Plaza Hotel On Cannery Row

  1. For insurance $$?

    There was this guy with a boat parked on Cannery Row for years. One night he parked it somewhere else & that same night his building caught flambe. Really.

    • KSBW calls it a “blaze”

      Fire crews were able to put the blaze out in 10 to 15 minutes, and damage to the building was minimal, fire officials said.

      It is the second mechanical fire to take place at the hotel since it was established.

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