Pollution Warnings Ignored At Lovers Point

Notice that the signs are only in English?
Ocean Water Warning

“They were everywhere the last time we came, but we didn’t see them this time, probably because we didn’t see them in the same places as last time,” Carey said, adding that his family took the warnings seriously.

“But we don’t go all the way into the water. Just to about here,” he added, motioning to his lower leg.

Posted at area beaches by Monterey County Environmental Health staff when beachwater bacteria levels exceed state standards, the 8-inch-by-11-inch signs reading “Warning! Ocean water contact may cause illness” hung at three entrances to the beach on Saturday.

Pollution Warnings Ignored At Lovers Point

6 thoughts on “Pollution Warnings Ignored At Lovers Point

  1. I always check online before heading to the beach…
    this photo is the first I’ve ever seen of a Warning posted at the beach.

  2. They should also post what TYPES of bacteria have been found… that’s enough to keep me from getting “my feet wet”.

  3. ecoli & entro. Both are found intestines of humans & animals, but without a specific test we don’t know where it comes from. Bunch of scientists did test Lovers Point sand for it & found a lot of human sewage. gross

  4. In America, it is just and proper that all signs should be in English. We should have no signage whatsoever in foreign languages, except in areas where a high volume of legal foreign tourists make it a reasonable service to them. We should definitely NOT kowtow to the Mexican invasion and use their language in our country.

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