City Bends Over To Political Correctness

Suspicious that this is the reason that the traditional campy Feast Of Lanterns is now held indoors to ticket holders?

Low-Sabado hasn’t forgotten that history, but the city has done little to recognize it. P.G.’s annual Feast of Lanterns replicates Chinese squid-boat lights and adopts a generic Asian theme, but doesn’t acknowledge the Point Alones village – an omission that was the focus of a recent Stanford dissertation.

Low-Sabado takes particular offense to the event’s annual play about a fictional Chinese princess, in which the audience boos the mandarin. (This year’s celebration will be scaled back; organizers cite budgetary reasons.)

Toms Cafe
P.G. Tribune, 1974

City Bends Over To Political Correctness

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  1. Last years fireworks display – laughable. It was a three minute, low-budget backyard effort. Insulting to the droves that actually showed up.

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