MyCaregiver Not Open, Not Selling Pot

Pot Club Closed

The group that opened a medical marijuana dispensary at 554 Lighthouse Ave. in Monterey will keep its center open as a meeting place for current members of their cooperative, said a member who answered the door Thursday.

The member, who identified himself only as Marc, said the court order issued March 12 against the cooperative, MyCaregiver Inc., prohibits only operation of a medical marijuana dispensary at the location.

No pot sales? It’s all in the perception of the law, after all they called it “Health care Cooperative/Individual & Family Services” when it opened.

MyCaregiver Not Open, Not Selling Pot

2 thoughts on “MyCaregiver Not Open, Not Selling Pot

  1. I am one of the members of the Co Op and I can tell you that closing the one provider in the area is a shame and a scam on the city managers side. You say that many of the people that are protesting are not even from the area – well, since monterey county is fairly large and this is the only one of its kind that is anywhere close by, of course you will have people that travel here to support us. As of now, I have to travel up to Santa Cruz or purchase my medicine on the street, neither of which is an effective or safe solution. As well, if you spent a little more time at the protest you would find many more people that are locals that spent hours there picketing (myslef, a PG resident included) The horrible part of this is that the city admits that it has no legal grounds to force them off the property yet they are trying to rezone the city in a means to prevent it. To many, Marijuana has become an herbal remedy that is preferred over taking chemicals (Tylenol, ibuprophen, Doans) as it has less side effects. If you consider Tylenol (acetominophen) for example, the FDA just came out a year ago demonizing its side effects as causing death and internal organ failures. Ibuprophen is knows to cause many issues with the stomach and in many cases causes nausea and ulcers. If I feel that a natural substance can replace all of those, why would I not prefer it over the unsafe alternatives? Then you get on to very very serious issues such as MS, Epilepsy, Cancer, AIDS, etc., there are many members of the Co Op that have life threatening illnesses and they are not being forced to go to Santa Cruz as well to get there medicine. That would be like telling someone that needed surgery that if they can just get to New York they can get the procedure no questions asked. That does not sound like offering life, liberty or the pursuit of hapiness to me. It is hard to pursue life and happiness when you are sick or in pain and can not get a plant that a doctor has recommended to you. Instead we have to have more politicians tell us what to do???? This does not make any sense.

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