aPOThecary Not Open, Not Selling Pot

A Pot Hicary

A Pot Hicary Fail

Sure looked open with the sign in the window. Soon a “Sorry We’re Closed” sign appeared on the door. Then the Pot sign came down, and the closed sign was gone too. Can’t help that the person operating the store was arrested for shipping pot via UPS.

(Judge) Kingsley has ordered the dispensary’s operators to appear in court April 14 to explain why a long-term injunction against the store should not be issued. “The city is pleased the court responded so quickly to our request for immediate relief,” city attorney David Laredo said.

In January, Maniscalco applied for a business license from the city but it refused to issue him one. The city contends The Apothecary would violate a 45-day moratorium on the operation of marijuana dispensaries the city council passed Jan. 20.

aPOThecary Not Open, Not Selling Pot