Lighthouse Ave Pot Club Told To Close

“Dave’s Not Here!”
No Pot Club

When the city requested more information as to the nature of the business they claim that they were told the business would retail ” various health and beauty products, natural vitamins, aroma therapy products, and instruction books and DVDs.”

“Unfortunately, the information provided to the Planning Division was not complete,” said City Manager Fred Cohn. The city learned through media reports that MyCaregiver was operating as a Medical Marijuana Dispensary.

Monterey is also threatening the building’s owners with a daily fine.

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Lighthouse Ave Pot Club Told To Close

1 thought on “Lighthouse Ave Pot Club Told To Close

  1. Sounds like they in fact were told the “complete” info.

    Health products: marijuana has health benefits according to the state, hence the dispensary system we have.

    Beauty products: marijuana makes everything look beautiful and groovy man.

    See, they had all the info right there, this is just politicians going back on their word as usual.

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