P.G. Volunteer Fire Department Ignites

But does not seem to get close to the flame..

The association will have up to 35 members older than the age of 18, maintain its own insurance and receive no paid compensation for training and services the members provide.

Those services, Frutchey said, may include preserving records, equipment and artifacts of the Pacific Grove Fire department, maintaining and operating antique fire engines in parades and other community events, providing disaster response services, participating in fund raising, and working with other service organizations on activities that benefit the community.

P.G. Volunteer Fire Department Ignites

2 thoughts on “P.G. Volunteer Fire Department Ignites

  1. That’s so cool. PGFD volunteers were paid for a time. Usually min. wage but that way they could play with the toys & the city wouldn’t have to give them a full package.

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