Survey Says There’s Nothing In P.G.For Tourists To Do


A perception that “there is nothing more to see or do” limits repeat tourism to Monterey County, said a survey of 9,000 people compiled for the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Those surveyed cited a lack of activities, more than the weak economy, for limiting their visits. The survey was compiled by Ohio-based IMPACTS Research.

More than 40 percent of those who visited the county hadn’t returned within two years, the survey found.

The survey found the aquarium is by far the biggest draw for tourists, and that people generally don’t differentiate one city or community from another, except for Carmel, Pebble Beach and Big Sur.

Took an Ohio research firm to figure out that people don’t visit for everyday life, they visit for events like Laguna Seca or the Crosby. Shopping for ‘art’ or dining on $22 plates of noodles is not an attraction.

Survey Says There’s Nothing In P.G.For Tourists To Do

2 thoughts on “Survey Says There’s Nothing In P.G.For Tourists To Do

  1. Yet again with the negative art remarks Editor.

    OK, so you, yourself are not an art or culture lover.

    Plenty of others are, so just put a lid on it.

    So you probably have never graced us with your presence at
    our symphony, or enjoyed a gallery, that my dear crotchety
    Editor, is your problem.

    Expose yourself to art, you’re be glad you did.

  2. Appears that none of the visitors to Pacific Grove are ‘culture lovers’ either or they’d remember the town for it.

    Love it or not, galleries that are open 4 hours a day 4 days a week are just about as occupied as an empty store with a folding chair in the middle of the floor.

    I’ve got a Batman picture on the fridge that my kid made 7 years ago. It’s precious.

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