Lynne Nicole Feurer Sentenced To Six Years

Teacher gets half of the expected 11 years detention at most.
Nicole Fuere Court

After listening to more than a dozen people speak on Feurer’s behalf, Judge Larry Hayes said her positive contributions to society outweighed the aggravated circumstances of the crime that would have called for the maximum sentence of 11 years in prison.

Feurer, 66, was charged with murder in the death of 80-year-old Joseph Francis Cupita and could have been sentenced to life in prison had she been convicted at trial. She pleaded no contest to voluntary manslaughter in October.

Lynne Nicole Feurer Sentenced To Six Years

2 thoughts on “Lynne Nicole Feurer Sentenced To Six Years

  1. I can’t believe this murderer only received 6 years for her crime. First she lucked out by the case not going to trial where she could have gotten life and then didn’t get the maximum of 11 years. Judge Larry Hayes gave her only 6 years because of her positive contributions to society. So what! The way I look at it she all ready got her break when she only got 11 years instead of life. Again another judge with no judgement or common sense.

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