Exodus Continues – Vicki Stilwell Quits Council

City Hall Help Wanted

The council also decided Wednesday that Kampe should be appointed mayor pro-tem after Stilwell announced she is resigning effective Friday.

Stilwell said her reasons are strictly personal. She said the economic recession has hit her family hard and they must move out of the area.

To fill the seats of Garcia and Stilwell, the council said it would accept applications until noon Sept. 28. A special council meeting will be held at 6 p.m. Sept. 30 to hear from applicants, and appointments will be made.

Typically we go down the list of candidates – this would put Dan Miller & Ken Cueno in the seats..

Nov 2008 election numbers:

William R. Kampe 3,205 20.69%
Carmelita Garcia 2,160 13.95%
Deborah C. Lindsay 1,942 12.54%
Daniel Miller 1,772 11.44%
Ken Eduardo Cuneo 1,767 11.41%
Susan Goldbeck 1,611 10.40%
David Dilworth 1,544 9.97%
Richard A. Ahart, Jr. 1,486 9.60%

Exodus Continues – Vicki Stilwell Quits Council