Letters From The Editor – Feast Of Lanterns – Fun Or Racist?

Every year, right on time come the letters calling the Feast Of Lanterns a celebration of fascist oppression. Followed by rebuttals. Over in Salinas it’s the same at Rodeo season with the animal huggers…

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July 27, Dale writes:

I find the irony of the Festival of Lanterns too much to bear. Living on the Peninsula my whole life, I noticed that strange little festival in P.G. where people parade around in Chinese clothing. Sometimes, to me, it seemed like a “mockery” of Chinese.

July 29, Diana replies:

The festival is not about a group of people who lived on the Peninsula and were, yes, indeed persecuted. As stated at the onset of the evening festivities, the “tale” (that denotes fantasy, does it not?) takes place in ancient China, and is clearly presented as a fantasy tale, much like Cinderella or other fantasy tales.

8/1, Jeffery adds:

The letter the other day that said Pacific Grove is celebrating a tradition of an oppressed people from 100-plus years ago really made me laugh. Tell me who hasn’t been oppressed? I’m half Irish, so should I tell everyone to stop celebrating St. Patrick’s Day because the Irish were sent into slums straight off their ships from Ireland? The Irish were treated as bad as any culture in U.S. history, and they, like the Chinese Americans, have prevailed.

Letters From The Editor – Feast Of Lanterns – Fun Or Racist?

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