Dumpsters Of Commerce, 2009

There’s lots of concern over carbon emissions and other mythical hazards, but still there every day, putting real health hazards at your feet (and hands, arms, head etc) is the healthy seagull population. The gulls are well fed by the downtown merchants (and even the city this year) that leave garbage uncovered.

We can always count on Fandangos on 17th Street to leave the finest garbage out in the open

Fandangos 5/17/09
Dumpster Fandango 090517

Fandangos 5/19/09
Dumpster Fandango 090522

and P.G. Juice & Java keeping the open garbage behind a wall but perfect for a birds’ eye view

P.G. Juice & Java 5/19/09

Juice Java 0519

P.G. Juice & Java 5/20/09

Juice n Java 0520Dumpster Juice Java 052209

Keep a watch on Zacolo, Lighthouse Cafe, Peppers, Grapes O Wrath, etc. New to the game this year is the City Of P.G. with their own sidewalk garbage. 3 cans in a row on Lighthouse with no covers. Way to go P.G.

Uncovereld Cans

Dumpsters Of Commerce, 2009

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  1. I saw a transient about two weeks ago dumpster diving outside of Zoccalos.


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