Tom Pollacci’s Other Victims Stepping Forward?

Tom Pollacci

Deputy district attorney Cristina Johnson had asked the judge to up the bail to $1 million, citing public safety issues.

Since Pollacci’s arrest in early March hit the media, Johnson said, she had heard from new victims every day. “I received reports from eight different agencies, and calls from women who had been victims themselves or pointed to other women who had been victims,” she said.

Scott agreed but imposed several conditions of bail on Pollacci. He must remain at home, and may be subject to electronic monitoring, though he’ll be allowed to leave the Pebble Beach house of his parents to meet with his lawyers.

This grown man lives with his parents? OK, couple this with the other statement by his own defense team:

Pollacci was accompanied to his arraignment Tuesday by defense investigator Richard Lee, who wrote a presentence report in the 1993 case describing Pollacci as a spoiled, self-centered man who was guilty of being presumptuous and using poor judgment, but who did not realize he was having sex without consent. According to the report, Pollacci told Lee that he had come to realize through therapy that he never learned any “boundaries” in his life.

It all seems so clear now. If a minor commits a crime or causes damage, the parent of the child is held liable. This sex offender has not grown up. The boycott group is right, go ahead put some more blame on the Pollacci family, they might just deserve it. Shop for whisky, cigars & porn anywhere but their stores.

Tom Pollacci’s Other Victims Stepping Forward?

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  1. Hey, It’s time to let the wheels of justice turn. That’s why I pay taxes. We all know that Tom has been convicted in the court of popular opinion. Let us sit back and observe his trial. Qweeker

  2. The nature of this post seems too suggest that the authors are less than neutral. IZZY

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