Beware Of Thom Ache-Man’s Tree Posse

P.G. newcomer and former Hear-old reporter is out busting anyone who’s cut down a tree and not replaced it. He has absolutely no authority to do so. Should be removed from committee.

Acheman Book

P.G. Beautification and Natural Resources Committee member Thom Akeman told residents if they didn’t comply the city’s tree ordinance — which includes replanting two trees when one is removed- they faced penalties.

And Mayor Dan Cort said he heard from several people who thought Akeman specifically overstepped his role as a city volunteer.

“There were several letters and emails that I got from some of the people he visited and from their friends who felt it was something he shouldn’t do,” Cort said.

Though Cort said he understands the frustration and desire by some citizens to speed up city work, he said any sort of enforcement effort should be left to city employees.

Beware Of Thom Ache-Man’s Tree Posse