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Herald Hear-old

“Burn artificial logs” Pacific Grove resident Rena Henderson writes:

I used to enjoy a nice, crackling fire as much as the next person. But I’ll never burn wood again. I now know how intrusive and destructive wood fires are to our neighbors. If causing your neighbor’s home to smell like an ashtray is not enough to convince you, then consider a few facts.

The particulate matter in wood smoke is so small that windows and doors cannot keep it out — even in energy-efficient, weather-tight homes. A study by the University of Washington showed that 50 to 70 percent of the outdoor levels of wood smoke entered neighboring homes. An EPA study found similar results.

Wood smoke contains carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, sulfur dioxide and various irritant gases that can scar the lungs. It also contains chemicals known or suspected to be carcinogens.

Well those ‘artificial logs’ contain paraffin wax. How about listing a few toxins found in paraffin wax, including toluene, benzene, methyl ethyl ketone (MEK), and naphthalene–substances found in paint, lacquer and varnish removers to fill the air?

Stumps Platt Park

Letters From The Editor