Citizen & Police Crack Kayak Rustle Ring

Give a hero award to the victim turned PI.
Grand Theft Kayak

At approximately 11:35 a.m., a Pacific Grove resident saw a small pick-up driving away from the back of his property with his ocean going kayak in the bed, police said.

He followed the truck and obtained a license number as it drove into Pebble Beach, police said, and reported the information to the police.

The driver, identified as Patrick Minerva, 19, of Carmel, was arrested by Pacific Grove police with Amy Gonzalez, 19, of Pebble Beach, and a 17-year-old juvenile female, police said, and the kayak was recovered.

It also was discovered two more people were involved and another kayak had been taken, police said.

Lindsey Crow and Petika Hilton, both 18 of Pacific Grove, were also arrested and the second kayak and paddles were recovered, police said.

Citizen & Police Crack Kayak Rustle Ring

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