Letters From The Editor – Bicyclists’ Style

Bicycle Crash

Riders should be schooled on style

Since “slapping a female pedestrian on the head” clearly demonstrates a lack of style, perhaps the “Style Man” from Bicycling Magazine could host a seminar for local riders to explain the true essence of “Style.”

For example, there is a lack of style when the Recreation Trail is used as a criterium course for racing.

“Riders yelling at pedestrians” not only lacks style, it is a psychological call for help by riders who are consistently left behind on their local club rides.

Pedestrians could show some empathy to riders, since it is pretty difficult to keep your legs shaved, match the color of your clothes to the color of your bike, monitor your heart rate and rpms and learn words like: criterium, peloton, and bello.

The City Council could issue each rider a copy of the law to give to pedestrians, along with a stern warning when pedestrians stray into the “Bike Only” lane; of course this completely lacks style. “Style Man” might simply suggest riding next to the interloping female and say, “Hello, isn’t Monterey Bay beautiful (bello).” Now that’s style.

Dennis Tibbetts

Letters From The Editor – Bicyclists’ Style

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  1. I live by the trail and attempt to walk regularly. However, walkers are now relegated to a single file lane which is not paved in most areas (it’s sandy and difficult to get any traction on), while the bikers have two bigger paved lanes. This isn’t enough for them!!! They’re aggressive and act like they own the place and the joggers are just as obnoxious. The worst are the idiots that have to use their cell phones at the top of their lungs while they take their daily constitutional.

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