I’d Walk A Mile With A Service Camel

None of these, what say my service camel?

Trotters Not Allowed

Last week the New York Times reported a national trend of disabled people replacing service dogs with more exotic animals — such as monkeys, parrots and small horses.

And you don’t have to go far to find an example. One resident of Pacific Grove uses a miniature horse for stability as she moves around her home. The horse is often seen being walked around a neighborhood not far from the beach.

According to the Guide Horse Foundation, miniature horses make good service animals because “they demonstrate excellent judgment and are not easily distracted by crowds and people.”

But there is a growing debate over whether unconventional service animals such as monkeys and pigs should be allowed to cozy up to people in restaurants, stores, churches and other public places.

“Where will it end?” asked Pacific Grove Mayor Dan Cort. “Because camels could be good service animals, too.”

I’d Walk A Mile With A Service Camel