Art Galleries Attracting More Crime

Try to be more like Carmel, P.G. gets the same crime as Carmel.
Art Is Anal


Thief working the Works: To the sticky fingered individual who lifted a gorgeous painting from the walls of the Works art gallery in Pacific Grove, I offer my most sincere feelings of pity, as you are obviously a pathetic person. As much as this world needs compassion right now, I really can’t feel anything for you but objective anger. Shame on you, you thief and loser.

Misty Dawn


Give it back: I join Misty Dawn, who wrote to report the theft of a painting from The Works gallery, in saying, “Shame on you” to the thief.

The Pacific Grove Art Center was also struck by a sneak thief who stole an exquisite needlepoint tote bag from a display by one of the studio artists. The incident was a personal violation against the artist.

In addition to the expense of materials, hundreds of hours of work were involved in creating this beautiful piece, which was displayed for the enjoyment of others. How could anyone possibly enjoy something that was stolen from the artist, on display at a nonprofit center, right before Christmas? This petty criminal deserves a lump of coal in his or her stocking.

Joan Jeffers McCleary