Write In Candidate Challenges Dan Cort

Hollister For Mayor

Retired veterinarian Ted Hollister has thrown his hat into the ring as a write-in candidate for mayor of Pacific Grove.

“The tipping point” for him, said 77-year-old Hollister, was the council’s action to merge Pacific Grove’s fire department with Monterey’s, an issue he felt didn’t raise enough questions among the council members.

“I don’t fault their intentions,” he said. “I just disagree with the way they’re going.”

Or was the tipping point the flap over getting to move into Forest Hill Manor before the construction was complete?

Write In Candidate Challenges Dan Cort

1 thought on “Write In Candidate Challenges Dan Cort

  1. Go Ted, for Mayor, Cort has to go!

    Ted is a lovely man, who cares about our town and the community in which we live. Just read his credentials they speak for themselves
    Ted has my full support and appreciation
    Get rid of these council clowns.

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