2 thoughts on “Grand Avenue Art Works – Gone

  1. You are too much. Do you have something against galleries, in particular? This one happened to be the effort of an amazing woman – full of talent and brilliant energy. It brought hundreds of people together to be delighted and entertained; educated and inspired. What is it that makes you judge so harshly, considering you never went inside? And why would you never need to?

    Art and galleries bring much needed levity and beauty to a world and time that is also devastating and troubled – sparking the imagination and visually reminding us of the infinite value, brilliance and magic humans are capable of producing.

    This past year was hard for a lot of artists, but most of us are persevering and doing what we can to keep our passion and visions alive.

    As I read all your caustic comments, I wonder what Pacific Grove would be like if it were up to you…

  2. I’d rather have the stores that were there before they were art galleries. Stores & shops that I’d go to every month. I don’t need to buy ‘art’ every month. I do need food, hardware, haircuts, socks, car parts, printer ink, prescriptions, groceries, blank DVDs, a baseball glove, a TV, a cheap pizza and a six pack.

    Now they are galleries that are open 4 hours a day or by appointment. That helps makes the place look like a ghost town. What does that do for the rest of the local commerce? Why do galleries come and go so often? Why can’t they stay in Carmel?

    Don’t take it personal, to me you are just another one of the new residents that I feel have ruined the P.G. experience.

    Here come the artists with their intense faces,
    with their need for money and quiet spaces.
    They leave New York, they leave L.A..
    Here they are – who knows how long they’ll stay –

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