Tourist Season Outlook: Bad

But year-to-date figures through May show occupancy rates of 58.2 percent for Monterey County, compared to a national average of 60.1 percent. Demand for hotel rooms for the first five months dropped 3.3 percent compared to the same time in 2007.

The county is showing slight growth in its average daily rate for a room, which rose 1.1 percent, to $155.90, through May. But the growth lags behind the nation, which averages $108, so lodgings here may find it more difficult to bump rates than a less expensive destination, said Bowers.

Unless you are listening to our own minister of misinformation:

Pacific Grove’s 29 lodgings were booked full by Friday, said Chamber of Commerce president Moe Ammar.

Baghdad Moe

Tourist Season Outlook: Bad