Liquor Store Owner Opposes Farmers Market

What’s behind Ron’s Liquors? A huge free parking lot. People in need of liquor, cigarettes and porn will not be slowed down by a bunch of veggie lovers.

On June 4, the Pacific Grove City Council approved an ordinance allowing public gatherings on Lighthouse, a prerequisite for the farmers market.

But Lighthouse Avenue merchants say the market will hurt them.

“It was supposed to come to town and be something positive for the city,” said liquor store owner David Pollacci.

Instead, he said, it will take business away from merchants.

His business, Ron’s Liquors at 613 Lighthouse Ave., loses 30 percent to 40 percent of its business on days when the street is closed — Good Old Days, the Butterfly Parade, car rallies, the Christmas Parade of Lights and similar events. Pollacci said he doesn’t mind giving up sales from time to time, but shutting down the street once a week would be too big a loss.

Rons Liquors

Liquor Store Owner Opposes Farmers Market