Sustainable P.G. – Noble Cause Or Ego Trip?

The discrepancy between SPG’s big presence and small volunteer pool has caught the attention of P.G. sisters Pat and Sally Herrgott. “I’m confused about what kind of an organization they are,” Pat Herrgott says. “They’re just a loose group of people with similar objectives. To me, they seem more like a political action committee than a nonprofit.”

At only 2 years old, Sustainable Pacific Grove has taken up a big public presence: hosting eco-booths at Good Old Days; running green cleaning and worm composting workshops; developing criteria for the new P.G. Farmers Market; lobbying for a regional ban on polystyrene take-out containers; and outfitting the eco-hub known as The Green Spot with an edible garden, fog collector and cisterns.

Edible Garden? The Brown Green Spot is a collective of weeds, garbage and fire hazards.

Three foot high weeds and discarded coffee cup (not a styrofoam cup!)green spot trash

Broken glass to play spot glass

Using old news as moisture barrier? Looks more like litter.
green spot news

The collective of rubbish and unsafe lead acid storage batteries.
green spot dump

Sustainable P.G. – Noble Cause Or Ego Trip?