John Cerney Art Comes To Cannery Row

Mac And The Boys MuralMention of the name may not jog your memory, but if you’ve traveled the highways you have no doubt seen his work. The farmworkers and ranchers on highway 68 outside of Salinas, the baseball game on US 101 or the 55 Chevy with the baseball in the window on Del Monte – now you know who.

This real nice looking piece depicts Mack and the other ‘Row legends that Steinbeck wrote about. A small bit of reality in a seashore of phony creations. Check it out – it’s at the foot of Bruce Ariss way, near the preserved cannery workers homes. Right about where the flophouse would be. Too bad it’s on the notorious rec trail – hope the gang members keep their distance with the persistent taggings.

Mack and the boys, the notorious slackers from John Steinbeck’s classic novel, “Cannery Row,” are lounging on the hood and bumper of a Ford Model A truck, grinning sleepily, with any problems clearly relegated to the back burners of their minds.

the full-color mural by Salinas artist John Cerney that is now on permanent display on the back wall of Mackerel Jack’s Trading Co., along the Recreation Trail between Prescott and Irving streets in Monterey.

That was the location of the Del Mar Canning Co. — and Dora’s Bear Flag Restaurant, Doc Ricketts’ lab, Lee Chong’s Grocery and La Ida’s Cafe were just up the street.

A little explanation for Steve Jobs and others who never read:
Mac And The Boys Mural 1

The scary rec trail. Don’t go there at night.
Mac And The Boys Mural 2

John Cerney Art Comes To Cannery Row