Pacific Grove Is Going To The Dogs

Professor Toro, Monterey’s original blogger writes:

On a recent Sunday, Conover retrieved her Labrador, Tuly, from her father’s house when a couple of German shepherds attacked and mauled them.

Conover jumped on her dog and tried to protect it from the dogs and, said her father, Kelley, “screamed bloody murder.”

Given a recent high-profile dog incident, the brutal attack of KION-TV news anchor Olga Ospina’s 2-year-old Maltese in front of the Pacific Grove post office, it appears that sleepy little P.G. might have a dog problem.

More like P.G. has a dog owner problem. Where oh where is Prof’s companion Pilon? Has Pilon been replaced by a dog?

Dogd Adam Ah

Pacific Grove Is Going To The dogs