Coastal Commission Busters!

By the end of the day, the cleanup operation over a 300-foot cliff just south of Hurricane Point hauled off the car’s transmission, part of the frame and a few parts from the beach on Blain Deaton’s property.

For a few weeks after the crash, Deaton said he heard unusual sounds that a psychic acquaintance ascribed to the dead man’s spirit expressing thanks for his help that day.

One day while working his way down the cliff, Deaton said, he heard the crystal-clear sound of a car horn and then the sound of a hood or trunk being slammed shut. A few days later, he and his brother approached the wreckage and heard the sound of wind chimes.

“He said, ‘What is that?’ and I said, ‘You tell me,'” Deaton said.

After that, there were no more eerie sounds, just the long effort to get the wreckage removed, he said. Half of the car, which split in two during the crash, washed into the ocean during the long wait.

“I’m happy to see it taken care of … but half of that car is in the Pacific,” he said.

Half of it is still down there. . stay tuned for the sequel.


Who Ya Gonna Call? Coastal Commission Busters!