Streaker At Shoe Game


An adult white man wearing a mask and thong-type underwear sprinted across the Breakers field at halftime of tonight’s Carmel-Pacific Grove football game, Salinas Californian Digital Editor Joey Delgado reported.

Just as the first half ended and the cheerleaders were preparing their halftime show, the man, about 6-2 and 200 pounds, broke from the home team’s side and ran from one end zone to midfield, Delgado said.

He then jumped the fence on the visitors’ side, ran through the crowd, jumped another fence and escaped before authorities could catch him, Delgado said.

Pacific Grove 22, Carmel 19, final

The Hear-Old reported that the streaker was caught . .

a juvenile was detained for “streaking” across the field during halftime. He was taken to the police station and released to a guardian, police said. No charges are pending.

And The Pine Cone reported what we all expected – the streaker was a Carmel High Freshman. No guy from PG would wear thong underwear.

The atmosphere was exciting, with cheers coming from both sidelines. The halftime show included a special guest appearance from an excited Carmel freshman wishing to show his school pride in a uniquely exposed manner.

According to Pacific Grove Police Cmdr. John Nyunt, the streaker was chased down and gave up without incident. Officers turned him over to his parents without charging him with a crime.

Streaker At Shoe Game

3 thoughts on “Streaker At Shoe Game

  1. The “streaker” was arrested and handcuffed at gunpoint and Tazer point. Had the police fired, they could easily have killed not only an obviously unarmed guy in a Speedo thong but anyone in the crowd.He never resisted and the overeaction by police endangered everyone – whoever drew handguns instead of Tazers should be fired at once. .
    Also, since the entire Junior Varsity Carmel team had to undress completely from the uniforms in front of the whole crowd minutes before, any claims that a Speedo thong was indecent are absurd -everyone on the team had to strip down to their underwear in front on everyone. Bad and dangerous job by P.G. police!

  2. haha that was afun night but just to clear things up i did not resist the police nor did i have any plan to it was just a bet and i had alot of fun doing it and ull be getting a better show next year

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