Shark Attack Closes Beaches

Beachgoers along the southern edge of Monterey Bay have been warned to stay out of the water after a 24-year-old surfer was attacked by a great white shark Tuesday morning off Marina.

Todd Endris, a home aquarium designer, was sitting on his board between waves when the 12-foot-long shark emerged from the water and bit him and his surfboard, dragging him beneath the surface. The incident was reported shortly after 10:30 a.m.

He was reported in fair condition Tuesday evening in Valley Medical Center in San Jose. Officials said he suffered from cuts to his torso and right thigh.

Shark Warning

Spearfisher at Lovers Point reported trading stares with a great white . .

lan Boomershine said he is having second thoughts about returning to Monterey Bay waters.

Boomershine, an experienced diver from San Jose who spearfishes in Monterey Bay several times a year, called The Herald on Monday to report that he had a brush with a shark — which may have been the same shark that attacked the surfer off Marina the next day.

Boomershine said he and his dive partner, Ryan Floyd, were spear fishing northwest of Lovers Point on Saturday when a great white shark sped by.

Shark Attack Closes Beaches