Safeway Parking Lot Robber Convicted

How he will fare with the gangs in prison for his prior experience?


A man who once walked away from the Nuestra Familia gang was convicted Tuesday of the 2005 armed robbery of a Pacific Grove shopper.

Pablo Castaneda, who has been the target of repeated slaying attempts since he dropped out of the gang in 1997, faces a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison when he is sentenced on Oct. 12.

In addition to the robbery charge, the jury convicted Castaeda of being a felon in possession of a firearm, receiving stolen property and commercial burglary, the latter two charges in relation to his use of a cell phone and gift cards that were inside the victim’s purse.

After a separate hearing, the panel also found that Castaneda was previously convicted of possession of cocaine for sale and voluntary manslaughter, and that in each case less than five years elapsed between his release from prison and his next felony conviction.

Safeway Parking Lot Robber Convicted

3 thoughts on “Safeway Parking Lot Robber Convicted

  1. 1st of all his trial was unfair! The system is the 1st to say everyone deserves a other chance but they lie if the DA did there job right they would of found out that he was not the one that used the victims cell & was sold those giftcards! As far as the firearm we could only be responsabul for are own actions right? it was found in a girls purse not on Pablo! This Man was not pointed out by the victum during the trial, the victum said quote “he cant be the one that stold my purse because the suspect was about my husbands highth and he is around 5.9-6 ft tall” Pablo is 5.6ft tall!This man has a family that he now can never get to injoy all because of his mistakes he has done in the past!Monterey Co. prefered to wast your tax $ by incarsrate him then to let him move with his family out of state the system may have won but now what happenes to the family left behind?

  2. The prisons are all full of innocent “victums” huh? Maybe he should have thought about the family he would leave behind. We all have to live within the social contract. Rot in hell

  3. What do u know about the system. Yes he did have a past and that was nothing he could change but find out the whole truth and facts before u tell someone to rot in hell

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