P.G.’s Charm Found To Be Irresistible

Sorry mayor, there are no longtime residents left. The charm is increasingly phony.

This week’s Feast of Lanterns opening ceremonies had just that feel. On a weekday afternoon, while most people were at work, about 100 residents gathered at Chautauqua Hall to celebrate.

Older women in Chinese costumes prepared large bowls of punch while the festival’s royal court was introduced to the crowd. They invited everyone to a street dance and an ice cream social, among other gaieties. Girls performed dances.

The parents of each of the princesses and the queen stood in the back, waving when their daughters were introduced.

The scene could have been right out of a black-and-white photo.

“Does it ever occur to you that we are Leave It To Beaver-land?” Cort said. “Yeah, we are. People stop their lives for the little things … We value quality of life. We value those kinds of ’50s things. We just don’t want them to go away.”

P.G.’s Charm Found To Be Irresistible