Dog Loses Life In Fight On Lighthouse Ave

On July 25, Olga Ospina was walking Lulu on a leash when the other dog, owned by Donna Marie Bazan of Rancho Palos Verdes, jumped through an open car window and attacked her Maltese. Ospina was bitten on the hand when she tried to break up the fight, but McGuirk wouldn’t elaborate on the extent of her injuries. Ospina has been staying with family in Southern California and could not be reached for comment.

Pacific Grove City Manager Jim Colangelo said police chief Darius Engles has already determined the dog is vicious. Colangelo said he has appointed Carmelita Garcia as the hearing officer in the case. Garcia will listen to both accounts of the attack and will determine what exactly should be done with the Lab, he said.

“The dog could be banished” from the city, Colangelo said. Or it could be ordered to be euthanized.

In P.G.’s attempt to copy Carmel in the dog-accessible area, did people ever think that all dogs are not friendly to each other?

Anyway – it’s a civil matter.

Dog Loses Life In Fight On Lighthouse Ave