Tourist Trades Not Happy With PG Tax Plans

Opinions of Pacific Grove residents and business owners were all over the map at a standing-room-only meeting late Wednesday, as the City Council considered whether to put a tax increase measure on the November ballot.

City Manager Jim Colangelo recommended that the council support a 1 percent sales tax increase that would generate $1.3 million annually and would end after five years. The increase would raise the city’s sales tax to 8.25 percent, the highest in Monterey County.

Several hoteliers who spoke are part of Citizens for Responsible Government, a group that opposes tax increases.

Citizens for Responsible Government? These are the motel owners that inflate the room rates to the maximum and require 3 night stays. Not that I’m saying they can’t be citizens too.

Tourists are stupid – they wouldn’t know the difference and just keep paying more for the phony charm.

Tourist Trades Not Happy With PG Tax Plans