P.G. Chamber Of Commerce, What’s Your Job?

By 7:30 a.m., however, Moe Ammar, president of the Pacific Grove Chamber of Commerce, was already fielding phone calls from Measure A supporters wondering why news reports said the rally would take place at the Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History.

Pacific Grove forbids political events in city facilities, let alone campaign signs on city property. City Manager Jim Colangelo said group events at the museum are supposed to benefit the facility.

Ammar, a 20-year resident of Pacific Grove, knows well the local rules. He said a news release announcing Thursday’s event apparently was misinterpreted. The rally was planned for the sidewalk in front of the museum — a public location perfectly acceptable for the event.

Measure A or no measure A, PG is not going to be growing much, given the degree of build out. But really, this should not be the PG Chamber’s focus.

Anyway, that unaccredited announcement was in the same paper reporting this story. It looks very much like the protest was going to be at the Mvsevm.

Campaigning At The Mvsevm

P.G. Chamber Of Commerce, What’s Your Job?