Art Galleries Attracting Crime?

Three Eastern Europeans from Sacramento took a $40,000 painting from a San Carlos Street gallery Monday and then returned late that night to break in and steal more artwork, according to Carmel Police Sgt. John Nyunt.

But it was officer Rachelle Lightfoot, responding alone to an alarm at Simic New Renaissance Galleries just before midnight May 7, who captured two of the burglars at gunpoint.

“Officer Lightfoot found these individuals setting up to break into Simic gallery,” Nyunt said. After padding the glass in the gallery’s front door with newspaper to deaden the noise as they broke it, the burglars struck the glass with an unknown object. . .

Russian Men Theft Of Artwork

When a shop sold hardware, shoes or magazines no one would think of making a big get away robbing them. But when the goods are “valuable” art, all kinds of riff raff come out to visit. Are more art galleries really what we want all over town?

Art Galleries Attracting Crime?