Cannery Row May Remain Closed For 2007

It may be a lot longer before a person can drive down parts of Cannery Row in Monterey again.

A stretch of the famous street is closed because of the new hotel construction.

The road was supposed to reopen in two more months so merchants wouldn’t miss out on summer tourism, but now that may not happen.

Makes it sound like the whole gargantuan tourist mall is shut off from habitation.

The street is blocked to car traffic from Prescott to David Avenue. Well, if the summer gas prices don’t keep them out of town altogether I don’t think this half block where nothing stood before will make much difference.

Cannery Row Detour

What’s happening beyond the barricades.
Clement Ocean Edge

What it will someday be:
Clement Ocean Edge Construction

What’s at the end where people come from miles around to visit? The Fish Prison!
Kalisas 2

Kalisa’s is closed. Still can visit the Wing Chong Building for gifts & such:
Wing Chong

But over on the other side, these businesses may be hurting, saying that they are cut off from the throngs of aquarium visitors. Frankly, I would not miss them. I mean some real tacky stuff could stand to be erased and replaced by butcher paper covered windows for all I care. There’s little worthy experience aside from the fish prison, except maybe an exhibit of some famous authors’ characters:
Famous Author

Ready for the ticky tacky? Here you go.

Cannibalistic Squids
Capt Calamaris

Sharks with leis
Festive Shark

Pet Puns
Dog Bowl

Disaster preparation. I see an opportunity to open a Cannery Row Treasure Outlet selling stuff from the out of business places – “After The Tourists Fled”
After The Quake

If the earthquake reference was not enough to remind you that we are close to San Francisco, there’s the famous chocolate boutique:
Ghirardelli Choc

Let’s stoop to the lowest common denominator, Anna Nicole Smith and Homer Simpson in one joke:

Really. You come all that way just to see some fish. You surely must have to buy:


Sock Shop

Wine or Candles
Cannery Row Shops

The little crab with the stupid name says “Eat More Pizza (not me!!)
Louie Linguini

Don’t have anything to claim that would draw the crowds? Call your bar a “Family Restaurant”.
Slys Family Restaurant Claim

Sly McFly is the most historic restaurant on cannery row?
Slys Historic Restaurant Claim

Historic? Pft. In the 70s the building was a import shop, ala Pier One. It was built as a bar with a motoring theme. Destroyed by a fire that took out the whole building, rebuilt in the replica of the cannery building it now thinks it is historic? Real history lies back at Kalisas or Neil DeVaughns. O’Kane’s “Spaghetti Warehouse” was real fun. But up the street is where the REAL history is – the Sardine Factory.

Hate to put down the workers and owners, but the ‘Row really has turned into a garish plastic tourist trap. If you are a visitor that wants to experience it here’s what the webmaster family does for visitors. Go to Compagnos Deli up on Prescott and Taylor Streets. Buy one of those great sandwiches for every two people. Get some drink and side orders. Take that down to the stage and access area at the bottom of Prescott. There is often live music in the plaza. Beach access is available – you can either watch the performance and eat or go down to the beach. You’ll be glad to see a bit of history and not overpay for “most historic” meals.

Fish Hopper

Cannery Row May Remain Closed For 2007