Beware Of The (Tar) Blob

Black Blob

Or there’s oil under all that kelp, when do we begin drilling?

Large clumps of tar are washing up at Asilomar State Beach in Pacific Grove, above, and several other beaches stretching north into San Mateo County. The source of the sticky tar is yet to be determined.

Tar balls are washing ashore on Central Coast beaches, and while scientists are not sure why, they have a pretty good idea.

From Asilomar State Beach in the south to Moss Beach in San Mateo County, the tar deposits are believed to be naturally occurring, said Dana Michaels, spokeswoman for the Department of Fish and Game.

Before anyone gets all evrio-mental, they were naturally occurring. KION Reports:

State officials believe that the tar balls that have washed up on beaches stretching from San Francisco to Monterey County are naturally occurring and not the result of an offshore oil spill, a California Department of Fish and Game spokesman said Friday.

Beware Of The (Tar) Blob