The Fleecing Of The Golf Fans

The Pacific Grove Chamber of Commerce will likewise host shuttle services to bring visitors into town and encourage them to linger. Last year, it transported more than 2,500.

Of the 1,110 guest rooms in Pacific Grove, all but 102 had been sold as of Friday afternoon, which is about the same as the past two years, Pacific Grove Chamber of Commerce President Moe Ammar said.

Ammar said the impact of the AT&T goes beyond the event itself, as fans who enjoyed their time on the Peninsula later return to the area with family and friends.

Tell me, does this look like Last Home Town Hospitality?
Att Chamber Shuttle Checkpoint

Don’t you dare park in the often empty lot behind Holmans.
Holmans No Att

And please leave your valuables back in your parked car where it will sit on the street  for eight hours.
Att Shuttle Items Not Allowed

The rudeness does not stop in PG, here’s a bit from a letter in the Hear-old

Limiting snacks
We can understand the security reasons for limiting the size of bag people were allowed to bring to the AT&T golf tournament. However, we were turned away at the bus in Fort Ord for having snacks and water inside our bag that was smaller than the size limitation….

I guess last year was our last visit to the AT&T.

The Fleecing Of The Golf Fans