Traffic Solutions Sought

Lighthouse Ave Traffic

The third project — and likely to be the most contentious — will tackle traffic problems on Lighthouse Avenue, a burgeoning business district where many shopkeepers want more convenient parking and clean, attractive sidewalks.

Deal said the city has explored three options for this stretch of Lighthouse Avenue: do nothing; reinstate left-hand turns and make parallel Hawthorne Avenue a one-way street eastbound; or make Lighthouse a one-way street eastbound with a bus-only lane.

The latter two projects would cost from $2.5 million to $5 million.

The best thing that happend was when Foam Street went one way. Face it, residents of Hawthorne – that’s the best thing to do there too.

Then take out half of the curbside parking, reduce some sidewalks and buy up vacant lots and vacant properties for parking off street. Look at Pacific Garden Mall in Santa Cruz as a model.

Traffic Solutions Sought